Do you want to be a part of something big?

Wenmec is an engineering company that manufactures complete system deliveries, products, and components for industries worldwide. With 150 employees in both Sweden and China, three production facilities, and 12,000 square meters of production space, we are a significant player in the industry.

We are Wenmec

When we go to work, we feel part of something significant. We have a strong belief in the future and stand firmly on the foundation we’ve built over many years. Our strength lies in recognizing the person behind every business, and we enjoy doing business with people. Our employees are our greatest asset, and we invest heavily in ensuring everyone at the workplace feels good. That is Wenmec.


Wenmec has broad welding expertise, with quality and precision as guiding principles throughout our operations. We perform welding in most materials, from low-alloy to high-strength steels in both black and white materials.


Wenmec performs machining such as turning, milling, and carousel turning with high precision requirements. We process many types of objects, from the smallest to the largest, using our extensive and modern machinery.


We have the expertise, resources, and experience to perform complex mechanical, electrical, and automation assemblies, hydraulic assemblies, for single-piece, series, and prototype assemblies.

System Delivery

At Wenmec, we excel when we act as a system supplier for our customers. This means being involved in all stages and delivering a finished product. As a system supplier, we take total responsibility towards our customers, participating from planning to final delivery.

Quality Assurance

As a system supplier, we guarantee the highest quality. With extensive experience in management systems, secure processes, and clear control points, we deliver reliable results throughout the process.

Total Responsibility

We take complete responsibility for your product, including production, logistics, assembly, packaging, and warehousing. With resources, knowledge, and connections, we offer competitive total solutions.

System Partner

Wenmec becomes your long-term system partner, integrated into your production chain for increased flexibility and control. With broad expertise and global experience, we offer cost-effective solutions for optimal adaptation.

Contract Manufacturing

Wenmec offers advanced contract manufacturing with a modern machinery, experienced employees, and extensive assembly resources. We can process large components with high tolerance requirements and are your complete partner.

World-Leading Customers

Our customers span various industrial segments, and our products range from contract manufacturing to complete system deliveries. We work with internationally world-leading customers in their respective segments. This is something we are extremely proud of, and our customer relationships are built on quality, trust, and long-term relationships.

Work with Us

At Wenmec, we are looking for machine operators, welding operators, sheet metal workers, and production technicians to join our team. We seek individuals with work experience or relevant education. We enjoy a great atmosphere at work and are committed to employee satisfaction and long-term engagement. You can become part of something significant. Welcome to Wenmec.

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