Wenmec is the well-established and stable engineering company that manufactures complete system deliveries, products and components for industry worldwide. Our customers are all world leaders in their respective segments and we are proud of all our collaborations. Wenmec’s head office is in Kil in Värmland and we have two subsidiaries, one in Laxå and one in Nanjing in China. Our two production facilities, totaling 12,000 square meters, employ around 150 employees.

Long-term relationships

We at Wenmec work with long-term relationships and as a system supplier we take full responsibility for the entire chain during production and delivery. With our modern machinery and dedicated and knowledgeable staff, we have the full capacity to be flexible and adapt fully to our customers’ wishes.

Satisfied employees - high quality

We are proactive and are constantly working on developing our business where we put our employees and our products first. We believe that satisfied employees and high-quality products go hand in hand. Thanks to our subsidiary in Nanjing, China, we also have great opportunities to support our global customers locally in Asia.

Wenmecs vision

We are a part of something big.

We see opportunities in business and are a successful supplier of industrial system solutions from Kil to the world. There, we are our customers’ natural choice when it comes to development, manufacturing and delivery. We always deliver the highest quality with a modern machine park and with constant development of our processes.

Our strong results enable us to develop and invest in products, services and people.

We are an attractive employer that attracts and retains the best people. We are a safe, fun and engaging workplace with a focus on well-being as our employees are our greatest asset.

The choices we make today should reduce climate impact, protect the world’s resources and conduct business responsibly. We optimize our resource use based on sustainability and efficiency to achieve long-term success as a reliable company.

This is how we secured our production for the future. That’s Wenmec.

Quality & Environment


We must constantly strive to meet, and preferably exceed, the needs and expectations of our customers. Since quality is one of Wenmec’s core values, the company in this area should strive to be a leader in Sweden as a supplier of components and system solutions. This is achieved through customer focus, which is based on the management’s commitment and everyone’s participation as well as a process culture. In all processes, Wenmec’s operations are to be characterized by the right quality and thereby create added value for our customers and other stakeholders, based on their needs, expectations and requirements.


Environment Wenmec has a large environmental commitment. Our environmental policy is one of the company’s most important control instruments. Through active environmental efforts, Wenmec will contribute to a long-term sustainable society. Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact. Compliance with laws and permit conditions is a minimum requirement. Caring for the environment should permeate all our operations. Effective environmental work contributes to long-term profitability.

Work environment

Work environment At Wenmec, we regard employees’ good health as an asset. Systematic work with work environment and health is a natural part of the business to achieve efficiency and quality. The work environment work encompasses all activities and the employee’s overall work situation, which takes into account both physical, mental and social aspects. For us at Wenmec, this means that we actively work to minimize the risks of work injuries, accidents and incidents and work on activities that promote employees’ health, job satisfaction and efficiency. We have a systematic work environment work that we continuously improve.



In Wenmec you have extensive and modern machinery at your disposal. We have a number of boring machines, a range of different machines for milling, lathes and carousel lathes capable of processing large work pieces. Most of our machines are CNC-controlled or curve line controlled.

Boring machine Kurim

Table 2200×1800
Tools exchanger, 5 axis

Boring machine Varnsdorf

Table 1800×1800
Tools exchanger

Milling machine SORALUCE

Table 10000×1500
Rotating milling heads

Welding robot IGM L
L=2500 max
2 positioners 1 ton each

Welding robot IGM L

L=4000 max
Positioner 3 ton

Multi lathe CTX Beta 2000 TC
L=2000 Max Ø 550
Tools exchanger 42, subspindel, B-axis, 5-axis

Multi lathe Mori Seiki
Driven tools, Tools exchanger and Y-axis

Lathe PUMA

L=2000 Max Ø 770
Driven tools

Lathe Profila

Milling machine FIL F-120

Carousel lathe PROFILA

Table Ø 2240 Max Ø 2500
Curve line controlled

Vertical slotting machine CAMS
Table Ø 700 hight 650

Subsidiary in China

Wenmec has a subsidiary in Nanjing, China. The company was started in 2012 with the aim of providing better support to, above all, our global customers. With the Chinese company as a platform for purchasing and production, the Wenmec Group will better serve our global customers locally in Asia, which is a growing market.

There is also a general interest in the market for the opportunity to manufacture in China and import back into Sweden. Through this opportunity, we have also seen a growing interest from potential customers to allow Wenmec to manufacture their products to gain future competitive advantages.

With confidence, Wenmec looks forward to continuing the development of our Chinese subsidiary and how we are able to reduce costs for our customers.