World-leading customers

Our customers are in many different industrial segments and our products cover everything from contract manufacturing to complete system deliveries. We work with clients who are internationally world leaders in their segments. This is something we are extremely proud of and our customer relationships are based on quality, trust and long-term relationships.

Mining industry

  • Complete mining vehicles
  • Smaller and larger included units in mining vehicles
  • Vehicle components

Defense/security industry

  • Defense
  • Bomb cars
  • In-depth details of the destruction facility

Marine and Offshore industry

  • Vessel drivetrain details
  • Complete parts to control equipment for water jet
  • Components for the offshore segment

Paper and Pulp industry

  • Drainers, screws
  • DiluterDisperger/comminuter
  • Equipment for wood handling
  • Frames

Construction machinery

  • Complete construction machinery
  • Vehicle components

Energy sector

  • Turbine shafts
  • Oil pressure box for turbines

Tools industry

  • Equipment for vehicle plate pressing
  • Subcontract work