As a system supplier, we take total responsibility towards our customers. We work with our customers from planning to delivery and everything in between. Together we achieve our customers goals.

We work with long-term relationships where Wenmec as system supplier also takes responsibility for purchasing, material flow, logistics, supply planning, and your shipment forecasts.

Wenmec offers you everything in one company. And as a supplier of complete systems and products are our watchwords delivery performance, service and product quality.

Quality Assurance

We do it right from the beginning – from financing to delivery and follow up. Thus, we deliver your product with quality through efficient production. This is ensured by a management system built with procedures for quality assurance and activities and with clear checkpoints at the handover of duties throughout the process

Overall responsibility

We can take overall responsibility for delivering your complete product. We are responsible for all aspects related to production and logistics. We take care of installation, check-out, packing and warehousing.

We have the resources, the knowledge and the necessary capacity and with our years of experience you can let us be an integral part of your production.

With the help of our good international contacts in purchasing, we can keep down our production costs.

System partner

As a long-term system partner, we become a natural resource for your business. We become an integral part of your production, and by working transparent to your production system we increase the foresight and flexibility. Together we then have a very good control over production. With us as a system partner, you get an experienced production partner with broad expertise. We have a global perspective with experience of working with low-cost countries. We can also help with the dialogue around cost management, production technology and production adaptation. We are confident that a long-term partnership is good for both parties.

Advanced subcontracting

Wenmec has advanced and well equipped machinery and competent welders for subcontracting. In our welding workshop we have, among other items, a large welding robot and a automated powder welding. We also have extensive resources for assembly. Wenmec have different machinery for different subcontracting specialties. Our subcontracting capabilities include both smaller and larger work pieces, and we do single pieces as well as series. We are not shy to call ourselves a complete and much reliable partner for advanced subcontracting.